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Anti Virus Tools
  1. McAfee SuperDAT Files
    Size: 5.42MB
    Release: 8/25/2004

  2. Norton Virus Definition for Windows
    Size: 5.22MB
    Last update: September 15, 2004

  3. W32.Erkez.B@mm Removal Tool
    Size: 156KB
    The W32.Erkez.B@mm Removal Tool does the following:
    Terminates the W32.Erkez.B@mm viral processes
    Deletes the W32.Erkez.B@mm files
    Deletes the registry values that the worm added

Browser Plugins and Add-Ons

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0
    Size: 16,051 KB

  2. Quicktime Player 6.0.2
    Size: 11,020 KB

Chat Clients

  1. MSN Messenger 6.1 for Win XP
    Size: 7,98 MB
    MSN Messenger Service tells you when your friends are online so that you can send messages or chat with several people at once.
    It supports setup for a pager address and file transfer, and it can be used to make phone calls to anywhere in the world. It also supports voice messaging.

  2. Yahoo! Messenger 5.6
    Size: 218 KB

  3. ICQ Pro 2003b Build #3916
    Size: 4,39 MB

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