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Smart Building

Solution designed for developers or property/building managers who want to build and operate or have telecommunication infrastructure and multimedia services in the building. We provide the integrated network infrastructure for Office Building, Apartment & Hotel using this solution.

Triple Play Services

Using data, voice and video to be triple play services with copper wire and fiber optic cable to be one services for tenants building needs.

1. Data

  • Dedicated internet access with CIR 1:1
  • Much more backbone uplink international exchange
  • Network management system (NMS)

2. Voice

  • IP PBX Implementation
  • Extension line services
  • Intercom system
  • Reduce interbranch communication cost

3. Video

  • Favorite channel
  • Advertisement

Building Automation (BAS)

  • Control and manage all electronic environment
  • Reduce optimizing electricity consumption
  • Integrated gadget and mobile phone
  • Anywhere, anytime to access electrical at home

In Building Solution (IBS)

  • 3G, GSM Infrastructure integrated
  • Minimal blank spot area
  • Support multi operator

Benefits for Building Management

  • Increased property values
  • Investment infrastructrure and minimal human resources
  • Total telecommunication solutions using stable media connection
  • Helpdesk Support 24 hours x 7 days